American Red Cross: Your Support In Action.

Role︎: Concept + Design + Copy + Animation | Social by Amera Lulu

Here’s the Stitch®: 

Let’s appeal to Millennial’s thirst for instant gratification
by literally showing how every dollar they donate
has an immediate positive impact in someone else’s life.

The American Red Cross is in need of renewing its donors pool, so they want to inspire Millennials to contribute.

But while today’s generation is committe to helping those in need, it wants  change to happen NOW, which makes it hard for them to donate when it may take a while to make a difference.

Hit the Streets: $1 = Hope.

$1 gives hope to people who lost so much to
regain even more and we can create that hope.
Everyday, you can be the good Samaritan.

From one act to another, we get to the
heart of the matter and connect people
on a personal level.

The Aisle Takeover:
Buy One. Give One.

Store Clerk: “Would you like to donate $1 to a cause?”
There’s no need to answer that anymore because
with every purchase of Red Cross Essentials
you’re making instant contribution.

From In-Store to Online:

Every time “Learn More” is clicked, our ad cents are being donated to the Disaster Relief. We are seeing a rise in popularity of peer-to-peer giving through social media. When our friends get involved, we participate as well.

Donation Kiosk: Money Art

When you give a dollar, it becomes art for you and the hope for those in need.

Treasure your art on social media:

The moment we donate, we feel good about ourselves. Every bit counts more than you think.