Hi, I’m Jen Cuffari a.k.a
Cuf the Creator

“Stay Weird” is a part of who I am. This motto stemmed from the unusual, yet unique path I've encountered in my pursuit to becoming a creative in the Advertising world.

While pursuing my passion for Art Direction, I have worked many “odd jobs.” Each role, from being an intern bringing awareness to events at a tugboat organization, offering the best household plants that are harmless to cats to storytelling about the best brand of sneakers, has played a part in understanding the essence of marketing and communication.

I become obsessively curious to learn about brands, products and/or services I encounter. I conceptually think of impactful narratives that even people on my block would care for. We all know life is about the hustle. Being from the Boogie Down Bronx, you need to speak to the 'hood', put people on, to get everyone hooked on the latest trend. Once you do that, then you understand the grind.

I thrive on what's happening, in search of the 'real' truths that will matter to anyone and everyone. While on this journey, I want to build connections, create stories, and collaborate to make an idea magical because every season is ‘cuffing season,’ so let's get to the “weird” design stuff.

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