Audible x Sundance ‘23

Role︎: Art Direction  

Creative Director: Chantal Smith

Senior Art Director: Tom Vanderplaetse
Agency: Civic Entertainment Group

Audible returned to Park City as the Official Audio Entertainment Sponsor of Sundance Film Festival, the destination for storytellers. With multi-touchpoint presence at the festival, both on the ground and online, Audible continues to build deeper connections in more ways than one.  

Here’s the Stitch®:

Before reaching the grounds of this beautiful festival, Variety Studio and Audible Listening Lodge, we shared across social channles; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter who we are and what to experience with vibrant visuals and animations to ignite millions of imaginations across the globe. 

Began to visualize the type of motion that represents a ski slope and give graphic elements character and personality.

Frame 1 still image of mountains
with gondola line

Frame 2 gondola appears moving upwards

Frame 3 gondola pauses and dome comes up in the bottom right corner

Frame 4 logos along with line appear in with ascending/descending motion and pauses in center - loops to Frame 1

We give attendees a snippet of what they will experience as they plan their days.

Frame 1 still image of mountains with gondola line
Audible comes in from left while Listening Lodge appears from the right

Frame 2 gondola appears moving upwards

Audible Listening Lodge stays centered of frame

Frame 3 Deer appears from bottom right corner with a knod of it’s head

Frame 4 hand holding hot chocolate appears in the left side in a diagonal
motion with steam rising up from cup - loops to Frame 1

We continue to share through the premieres the warmth and coziness attendees will receive the moment they enter our space. We offer more than just a listen, but a piece of comfort all while making memories.