Diageo Baileys: Almande Sweetspot

Role︎: Design + Digital Concept + Experential + Merch + UX Design

Baileys Almande is grateful for being a seasonal and holiday drink, but it wants to be more; mean more to 21+ age group.
Almande can turn an everyday occasion into a celebration.

Here’s the Stitch®:

Let’s make an ordinary day something unexpected, something special by adding Almande.

We give you the look and feel of a sweetspot takeover.

We begin with a bit of mystery; a tease before giving you a taste.

Scent Strip Magazine

Scratch + Sniff
Print + OOH


Now that you have instilled the aroma
into your mind, we level up
the buzz and interaction by inviting
you to play and continue to give
a sweet surprise.


Sweetspot Game

Snapchat Lens

Unlock for 24hrs

Chatter and buzz around #Sweetspot
is picking up and lines are forming for
the goodies.

Sweet Merch

Times Square +
The Grove Billboard

Taking the game to the big screen
where people can play at once.

Remember follow the footprints,
stand in the right spot and
see your flower adorned faces.

For maximum effect, we’ll add a
motion triggered raise your glass filter.

Microsite Makeover

The fun isn’t over. We got you thinking and wanting Almande.
We got the right place for all the indulgence.

Sweet ride to a #Sweetspot

A short ride to a sweetspot where you can enjoy an Almande taste testing.

Almande Sweetspot (hotspot) App

Our sweet rides will be tracked and ready for you to have fun.

Here’s to every moment becoming something special. Cheers!