Bumble: Make Your Move.
Role︎: Concept + Copy + Design

We got your back.

Bumble is an app for dating, friendshippin (not a word I know) and networking. Its key feature is having 24 hours to create the connection you need.

It’s no secret that we all get nervous and anxious, so this campaign creates a support system.

Here’s the Stitch®:

Let’s show a support system that you can wear.

Whether you need a push or reassurance you gain the closure needed to move onto other opportunities.

And, believe me, there are many.


The Bumble Countdown catches your heart rate rise and immediately stops the overthinking to persuade you to go for it.

Digital Push Notification: Apple/Smart Watch

Instagram Sessions: “Buzz Us”

Remember those times where you ask your friend(s) for advice on what to say and you need an immediate answer. 

Well, Bumble will host a series of Instagram Q&A sessions with brand ambassadors and microinfluencers who have gone through similar experiences of connecting.

Bumble BFF Ambassador:
Go Live with Georgia Love

The best part is the chance to chit chat with your favorite influencer in a session.

Bumble BIZZ Ambassador: Ask @Just__Imani Anything

We have support from those who know
how to calm us down and tell us to be ourselves.

Because being ourselves is fun.