Gotham Roller Derby:

Take It All In.

Role︎: Concept + Design

The Gotham Roller Derby is an all-female, skater-operated, nonprofit roller derby based in New York City.

The perception: “CAT FIGHT! You call this entertainment?”

Roller Derby is an action-packed game that attracts plenty of sport fans; but, once they’re at the game, they don’t quite get what’s happening and they leave.

Here’s the Stitch®:

Let’s teach sport enthusiasts about Roller Derby by positioning the extreme moves to familar sport plays they already understand and love.

The Playbook

We give you inside look of our plays because we know every sports enthusiast needs to know everything about a sport from player moves to the crazy highlights.

Define The Moves Live Feed

During a bout, we give you live feed replay of an intense play. 

Audience learns about the strategy of the plays and penalty via GGRD website live link.