Samsonite: It’s The Savvy Way.

Role︎ : Concept + Copy + Design  |  Social Stories + Video by Amera Lulu

Samsonite is the worldwide leader in superior travel bags, luggage, and accessories. Yet, Samsonite struggles to attract younger audience. With a generic online presence, their brand recognition is non-existent.

Here’s the Stitch®:

Let’s showcase special travel destinations for Millennials who want a unique travel experience.

“Your travel is my command.”

We partnered with IBM Watson to create Sir Nite - the AI that can help you upgrade your travel plans from scroll-able to thumb-stopping.

Samsonite AI Microsite: SamSirNite.com:

The AI bot scrapes the most untagged and undiscovered locations to offer you a truly unique travel itinerary.

Instagram: Sir Nite DM

Sir Nite scrapes Instagram to find the most disappointing travel posts and sends a message to those travelers with nearby places
to visit instead along with offering the best accessory.

Instagram Stories: Sir Nite Hack # Series:

Sir Nite suggests savvy travel destinations and smart luggage options to match with “Hack Series” via Instagram Stories.

Sir Nite x Google Maps

Sir Nite turn on feature will appear.A plug-in feature via Google Maps that will search for undiscovered locations from entered keywords like “Where to eat nearby?” Using geolocation, Sir Nite will suggest the special places to visit as you explore.

Sir Nite On The Go

We give you Sir Nite making his appearance in NYC stations offering unique, untagged places to check out and enjoy.

Be the first to arrive.