Audible x CultureCon 2022

Role︎: Art Direction + Graphic Design + Print + Digital

Creative Director: Chantal Smith

Senior Art Director: Tom Vanderplaetse
Copywriter | Concept: Ian Morgan 
Agency: Civic Entertainment Group

Audible partnered with CultureCon, a fast-growing multi-market conference for creators of color to provide intentional spaces for storytelling and to celebrate unique voices within the collective of creators in New York.

Here’s the Stitch®:

CultureCon is a community that is vibrant, authentic, diverse and all around creative giving individuals opportunity to connect and make their mark on culture. There is an undenible power of storytelling and spoken word that forms close bonds between two or more people. Audible strives to amplify voices in media by sharing inspirational, meaningful, and everlasting stories.

We kicked off CultureCon Week with an intimate influencer
dinner paying homage to Jezebel, Hell’s Kitchen’s
historic restaurant founded by Alberta Wright
and featured on Seat at the Table.



From the dinner table to the stage, Audible produced a gem-dropping panel hosted by Gia Peppers, where Chad Sanders got to share more on his experience creating his Audible Original Direct Deposit, and how he came to be the successful Black entrepreneur he is today. The gems don’t stop dropping off the stage. We welcomed creators and attendees into the Audible Speak Easy, a chic, not-so-secret lounge where they were encouraged to share their truth
and create meaningful connections.

After meeting new faces and hearing about who they are, we created a space for attendees to take a moment in our Listening Lounge. They had opportunity to sample titles from Audible’s Black creators.
Featured Titles: Direct Deposit, Maejor Frequency, Seat at the Table, Kym, Monsters and How to Tame Them, and more.

We invited creators and attendees to share the content they’ve been listening
to and how it has inspired them at our recommendation wall.


With every moment comes with making memories, posing in front of our oversized speaker, leaving your mark, and sharing one’s experience on social with #AudibleSpeakEasy.